Upon one head ... many hats.

The online homebase for multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, multidisciplinary artist, small business owner and activist.


Restorer, dealer and technician of fine musical instruments since 1976, Pollack has owned and operated her small business: Your Flute Works (established in 1988) to a clientele of World Class Soloists, Orchestral Flutists, Freelance & Recording Musicians, Broadway Players, Conservatory Professors and Students.

Magica Axé Music

Anne Pollack's CD Recordings, representing her work as a Composer, Arranger, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist.

Anne Pollack Productions:
Film Scoring

Dedicated to enveloping the moving image in communicative
and provocative music and sound design.

In Performance

Upcoming Performance:
August 4, 2018: 7pm
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette Street, New York.
Marie-Claire with DJ Mighty Mel, Carlos Cartagena, Anne Pollack, and surprise special guests.

Anne H. Pollack
Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture representing Pollacks' dreams, heroes and ancestral apparitions.

Crossing Point Arts

Our mission is to bring the healing power of the arts into the lives of individuals emerging from Modern Day Enslavement. Workshops lead by Teaching Artists - in music, dance, theater, visual arts and writing - provide survivors with therapeutic tools to deal with Post Trauma Stress, in a safe environment of self-expression, enrichment, empowerment and community building. Sharing the creative work of survivors will bring into sharp focus the pressing need for the abolition of Modern Day Human Trafficking.

Flutes for Haiti

Sharing the music, and the love, Flutes For Haiti locates and refurbishes donated student flutes and sends them to Haitian students. Organized after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, this project has also sent instruments worldwide to underserved children on a 'can do / as need' basis.

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